About us

About us

Agrofusion is a vertically integrated group of companies in Ukraine. We are a global B2B tomato grower and processor. Our companies are located in the south of Ukraine, which is traditionally known as the “tomato growing” region. We seed, nurse, and grow tomato plants in our greenhouses; then we process them into premium quality InagroTM tomato products.

We started as a small tomato growing enterprise in 2005, and we managed to become the biggest B2B tomato processor in Ukraine. We have successively implemented environmental and economical business practices, and we actively expand the organization day by day while, at the same time, sustaining the ability of nature to renew its ecosystem.


To grow InagroTM tomato paste of premium quality that will help to provide the success of our clients’ businesses.


Agrofusion is a recognized producer and supplier of tomato products worldwide. We increase the living standards of people by preserving beneficial and nutritional ingredients of the tomatoes in our products.


– Honesty, openness, and trust: Are fundamental in our internal and external communications.

– Social responsibility: Every decision and action we make is aimed at the development of Ukraine and the future of future generations.

– Personal liberty: The main place in the group of companies Agrofusion belongs to a person who has the opportunity to decide what suits their interest.

– Compliance with the principles of Sustainable Development: We strike a balance between customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

– Integrity: We are a team of professionals united by a single purpose.

Agrofusion today:

Is incorporated of ten entities, two greenhouses, three processing plants, 32,000 ha of irrigated land and a team of 1,500 professionals.

InagroTM tomato paste is represented in 44 countries and continues to expand its presence successfully.


– The first Agrofusion company “Integrated Agrosystems” was established in the Holoprystanskyi District of Kherson Region.


– The Southern greenhouse complex was built.


– Southern processing factory was put into operation.

– InagroTM registered.


– The Northern processing factory was put into operation.


– The Northern greenhouse complex was built.


– The modernization of the Southern processing factory was started and processing capacity increased.


– The modernization of the Southern processing factory was completed and energy saving equipment installed.


– The Eastern processing factory was put into operation.
– Production of organic tomato paste was started.


– The Dried vegetables processing factory was built and put into operation.
– Production of tomato powder was started.