We grow tomato paste


Agrofusion group of companies is the biggest B2B tomato paste producer in Ukraine. We produce InagroTM tomato paste – a high quality product that guaranties success of your juices, ketchups and souses with your consumers.

We are located in the south of Ukraine – Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, which are traditionally known as “tomato growing” regions. Agrofusion farms 16 000 ha of irrigated land. Our greenhouse  are growing 150 000 000 seedlings. Southern and Northern factories are processing more than 300 000 mt of tomatoes per season (5 000 tons of tomatoes a day).



Agrofusion implements innovative food technologies. Energy-saving equipment and modern water-treatment facilities allow us retain natural resources.

Our commitment to Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, integrated quality management and safety assurance system together with continuous control over technological process and high-quality raw material guarantee premium quality of Inagro™ tomato paste and its compliance to World Food Industry standards.


We are open to communication and cooperation.